David Hall of the Philipp Family Office and Mark Stephens of Blackstar Capital Partners have launched Blackstar Asset Management.

Morgan Metters, previously of Kimura Capital, is also part of the new firm.

With Swiss family office seed capital, the London-based asset manager will focus on sustainable private debt strategies such as direct loans, deal participation and niche private fund opportunities.

Blackstar Asset Management will employ a multi-strategy approach, allocating funds according to risk-return characteristics.

‘By bringing together Blackstar’s origination capabilities and global operational expertise together with our portfolio management experience, we believe we can deliver a product that will resonate with investors at a time of great interest in the private credit universe,’ said David Hall, CIO of Blackstar Asset Management.

‘We have specifically structured Blackstar Asset Management to address the challenges that have arisen in the first generation of private credit funds,’ said Morgan Metters, COO of Blackstar Asset Management.

‘From our many conversations with investors in this space, we know their concerns over origination, scale and cash drag. We can help them to solve these problems.’